Reviews/News &Web 2.008 Mar 2008

Web 2.0 startups in India struggling

Business Standard and research firm IDC recently posted a reality check on web 2.0 start ups in India, according to them, majority of Indian Web 2.0 start ups don’t really have a real business model and are struggling for both revenues and investments.

It’s a shiny, new dance floor, but how many can dance? The Web 2.0 market in India is still struggling for direction and funding, though the start-up scene in the Indian consumer space has been vibrant. Yet, the number of Web 2.0 companies focused on the enterprise or business space can be counted on one’s fingers.

A majority of players are active in areas like social networking sites (SNS), blogging, and document and multimedia sharing in the consumer space. A mere 12 of the 67 India-focussed websites studied by research firm IDC have a clear enterprise or business-driven model to their operations, while 55 have a consumer focus.


Reviews/News &Social Networking &Web 2.005 Dec 2007

iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking Enthusiasts

iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking, a new online social community aimed at everyone interested in cooking. from outright beginners to proficient cooks. The site currently contains over 100 video tutorial recipes. Online cooking turorials guide viewers step-by-step through recipes developed by top class chefs who have travelled the world serving up dishes – such as ‘10 Minute Crab Cakes’ – to the stars from Bill Gates and Bono to Victoria Beckham.
iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking EnthusiastsCommon cooking conundrums are made simple, such as how to achieve a fail-safe soufflé and how to cook the perfect fish and steak. Recipes take their inspiration from worldwide cuisine and the accomplished cook can challenge themselves with more complex dishes like Okonomiyaki, a ‘Japanese pizza’ or Spanish classic Paella.


Ajax &Web 2.003 Dec 2007

TypoTrawler : Find more Bargains on eBay

You’re probably already aware of services such as Fat Fingers which find misspelled items on eBay. Misspelled items tend to have fewer people viewing them because if the listing is ‘New Latop’ and someone searches for ‘laptop’, the item wont be shown, thus less bids are made. Hence, by finding these items, you can grab a bargain.

TypoTrawler is different to Fat Fingers because instead of users having to enter the search term by hand (e.g. ‘laptop’), we continually search eBay for hundreds of thousands of different misspelled items. We them group them into the categories on our website so that users can easily view them. TypoTrawler uses Web 2.0 ideas to improve the experience for the user. Items are displayed using AJAX and user feedback dictates which typos are searched for in the future and which to blacklist.

But this has been done before…
Yes it has. But TypoTrawler does it better. Services like our sister site TypoTracker are great if you’re looking for a specific item, but if you’re just looking for a great deal on whatever you can find, it’s not very effective. After about 15 minutes you’re out of ideas for things to search for… this is where TypoTrawler steps in. Our robot minions relentlessly trawl through eBay day and night picking out misspelled items. We then display them in a handy list so you can watch the bargains literally flow down the screen!

Social Networking &Web 2.001 Dec 2007 : Addictive gaming + Social Networking : Play and meet new People

With more and more social networking sites coming out everyday, there are very few you want to move to. Doof is something unique which provide you much more than a average networking site with introduction of some cool games (its flash based website and bit heavy.) : Addictive gaming + Social Networking : Play and meet new is all about playing games, meeting people, competition and expressing yourself. Fusing together Casual Gaming and Social Networking, doof provides a true web 2.0 Social Gaming Experience. Games includes Arcade Games, Action Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Racing Games, Word Games &Multi-player games . : Addictive gaming

Bursting with games and cool ways to meet and beat others, doof is a cutting edge social web application wrapped up in a visually stunning package.When combined properly, the fun and excitement of casual gaming together with the friendship and rivalry experienced in social networking makes for a truly explosive cocktail…..which doof knows exactly how to make!

Meet and Beat at, the home of Social Gaming.

Unlimited expressions, Interactions, completion, fun and much, much more . Perhaps Google should start worrying ;) .

Web 2.001 Dec 2007

Mployd Beta: A new job site for everyone

Mployd Beta: A new job site for everyoneMployd is a leading website provider of job search and recruitment for job seekers. Mployd helps job seekers search for employment and leading the employers wanting to recruit, hire and provide opportunities..

Mployd is more than a catchy name. Working with companies, human resource managers, recruitment organizations, company recruiters and job seekers, we were able to design an employment community that facilitates easy communication between employers and job seekers.

By focusing on communication between employers and job seekers we have been able to develop a wide range of tools that allow job seekers to apply for jobs much easier than ever before. With our “5-Minute Job Posting”, Mployd allows employers to post more jobs quicker and with great ease.

What does Mployd offer job seekers?

  • Create unlimited resume profiles
  • Job alerts and RSS feeds (soon)
  • Public and employer-only resume
  • Get Vouched by friends and colleagues
  • and more features to come…
Search Engines &Web 2.001 Dec 2007

Ggoal : Search engine based on human intelligence

Ggoal : Search engine based on human intelligenceGgoal is the first search engine based on human intelligence, created by users and for users, with the sole aim of offering added value to the web knowledge through the free user-created content. Its a completely free search engine that it is at users’ disposal and it is always enhanced by users’ contributions. Its main features are: it is user-friendly, simple and really effective.

Ggoal offers a keyword-based content search service on the web. It supplies the user with links, internet addresses and multimedia content into different formats following the shared interactivity criteria.

Ggoal is based on the users-created contributions in order to increase its effectiveness. Keywords, links ad internet addresses are user-created content: that’s tantamount to say that a community of people is actively involved in the production and widespread of knowledge.

Thanks to Ggoal, web users insert the item of their search obtaining immediate results, but above all it actively offers an added value indicating different options in terms of search criteria according to users’ personal need and it allows web surfers to use its knowledge background.

As Ggoal has been developed with Ajax technology allows users to issue and to use every single added contribution in a fast way without the need to update the web page every time. Therefore, this high-standard quality system is more interactive, fast and user-friendly.

Ggoal hinges on Web 2.0 and on its philosophy, but it uses the web in a new and original manner as it is oriented to a free widespread of information and knowledge. It allows users to share multimedia data and to trigger a massive widespread of information on the web. Ggoal follows the criteria of an endless enhancement through the increasing number of its users.

Ajax &Office Applications &Web 2.005 Mar 2007

OfficeZilla : Free virtual office

OfficeZilla : Free virtual officeOfficeZilla is a free virtual office which gives your group free calendar, file sharing, contact manager and message sharing. You can use it for your personal requirements or utilize the sharing features and add as many people into your GroupWare as you want to.OfficeZilla has no set limitations on file uploads, disk space, or mail space. It is ideal for your personal requirements or you can also utilize the sharing features and add as many people into your GroupWare as you want to. The calendar is free standing and does not synch up with any other calendars at this time but you can upload a CSV file of your contacts to the contact manager. Its complete set of features include Calendars, Contact Manager, Message Forums, Knowledge Base, Pop Email Reader, Link/URL Sharing, File Sharing, Chat Room, Phone Message Pad and Task Manager.