Social Networking15 Jun 2009

Publish full articles on twitter without a blog

Publish full articles without needing a blog or site. There’s no setup or login. Just write your text and Write4net will publish it using your Twitter account. That’s it. So easy. And free!

It’s dead simple. Just write whatever you want to publish on our homepage fields (title and text). Then, hit the “click to publish” button.

Next, you’ll be directed to Twitter where you can login using your Twitter account. Note that you’re not giving us your Twitter password, login is done through Twitter itself.

Done! Your text is published (and tweeted!). Now you’ve got a personal page, blog style, with all your articles


Reviews/News &Web 2.008 Mar 2008

Web 2.0 startups in India struggling

Business Standard and research firm IDC recently posted a reality check on web 2.0 start ups in India, according to them, majority of Indian Web 2.0 start ups don’t really have a real business model and are struggling for both revenues and investments.

It’s a shiny, new dance floor, but how many can dance? The Web 2.0 market in India is still struggling for direction and funding, though the start-up scene in the Indian consumer space has been vibrant. Yet, the number of Web 2.0 companies focused on the enterprise or business space can be counted on one’s fingers.

A majority of players are active in areas like social networking sites (SNS), blogging, and document and multimedia sharing in the consumer space. A mere 12 of the 67 India-focussed websites studied by research firm IDC have a clear enterprise or business-driven model to their operations, while 55 have a consumer focus.