Search Engines &Social Networking &Web 2.009 Sep 2008

Spokeo : Spy on your Friends, Find photos, videos and secrets!

Spokeo : Spy on your Friends, Find photos, videos and secrets!Want to know something juicy about your friends and family ? Spokeo reveals their secrets ! Well, enough of the catchy phrases. Spokeo is service which searches deep within 40 major social networks to find news about friends and colleagues. As you register, you are asked for you public email ID (like Gmail n Yahoo!) and password. Spokeo searches databases of major social networks for the users in your mail address book.


Ajax &AJAX Resources &Cool Stuffs &Web 2.0 &Web Development17 Mar 2008

Scripteka : Library of Cool javascripts Prototype, extensions

Scripteka : Library of Cool javascripts Prototype, extensions Sripteka is a cool new library with lots of useful Prototype scripts . The website is also very much user-friendly, with option to multi-select tags and display scripts.

  • View an extensive library of Prototype and based extensions/plugins
  • Rate and use rating to find the coolest scripts out there
  • Submit your own creations and get community feedback
  • Subscribe to the newest additions to the library
Ajax &Web 2.003 Dec 2007

TypoTrawler : Find more Bargains on eBay

You’re probably already aware of services such as Fat Fingers which find misspelled items on eBay. Misspelled items tend to have fewer people viewing them because if the listing is ‘New Latop’ and someone searches for ‘laptop’, the item wont be shown, thus less bids are made. Hence, by finding these items, you can grab a bargain.

TypoTrawler is different to Fat Fingers because instead of users having to enter the search term by hand (e.g. ‘laptop’), we continually search eBay for hundreds of thousands of different misspelled items. We them group them into the categories on our website so that users can easily view them. TypoTrawler uses Web 2.0 ideas to improve the experience for the user. Items are displayed using AJAX and user feedback dictates which typos are searched for in the future and which to blacklist.

But this has been done before…
Yes it has. But TypoTrawler does it better. Services like our sister site TypoTracker are great if you’re looking for a specific item, but if you’re just looking for a great deal on whatever you can find, it’s not very effective. After about 15 minutes you’re out of ideas for things to search for… this is where TypoTrawler steps in. Our robot minions relentlessly trawl through eBay day and night picking out misspelled items. We then display them in a handy list so you can watch the bargains literally flow down the screen!