With more and more social networking sites coming out everyday, there are very few you want to move to. Doof is something unique which provide you much more than a average networking site with introduction of some cool games (its flash based website and bit heavy.)

Doof.com : Addictive gaming + Social Networking : Play and meet new Peopledoof.com is all about playing games, meeting people, competition and expressing yourself. Fusing together Casual Gaming and Social Networking, doof provides a true web 2.0 Social Gaming Experience. Games includes Arcade Games, Action Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Racing Games, Word Games &Multi-player games .

Doof.com : Addictive gaming

Bursting with games and cool ways to meet and beat others, doof is a cutting edge social web application wrapped up in a visually stunning package.When combined properly, the fun and excitement of casual gaming together with the friendship and rivalry experienced in social networking makes for a truly explosive cocktail…..which doof knows exactly how to make!

Meet and Beat at doof.com, the home of Social Gaming.

Unlimited expressions, Interactions, completion, fun and much, much more . Perhaps Google should start worrying ;) .