It Is perfectly legal and no harmful activities is involved , In this we are just using just a feature of Godaddy to save money. I appreciate GoDaddy. for this feature . (For Only Promotional Codes and Domain offers kindly visit the Web Hosting and domain Blog.)

Do note that only the following extensions are valid to save this money on:

.com, .net, .org, .info, .us & .biz

You can use this discount to:

  • Register new domains (providing the extension is listed above) for one year.
  • Save on one-year domain renewals.
  • Save on any domain transfer (from one registrar to Godaddy, or from GoDaddy to another registrar).

The Trick

Step 1:
Put the domain name that you want to buy (considering it is available) in the field below:

Step 2:
Chances are if the domain is available, you will get a page like the image below:

If the domain you want is available, it will show up in the “This domain name IS AVAILABLE:” table. Assuming the domain is available, click the orange “Continue” button.

Step 3:
You may get a page like this (see image below). Click “No thanks. Proceed to cart.” and proceed to the next page.

Step 4:
If you are a new user to GoDaddy (which most of you reading this guide might be) chose the “create a new account” option. For the rest of you who are already users, just login to your old account in order to stay more organized. You will be on a page like this:

Always make sure the information is real and accurate! It is an unlawful violation to put in untrue information for a domain. ICANN (the group basically responcible for managing all the domains as well as the domain regulations) will legally prosecute anyone found putting untrue information for their domain registry.

Step 5:
You should be at a page like this, make sure the information in the radio buttons fits your site’s description accurately. After selecting, press the orange “continue” button.

Step 6:
Now you should be at a page that looks similar to the screenshot below (minus the red boxes and the text I put on the top left).

Step 7:
Now you will be at a longass page that wants you to buy a bunch of things.
Do not buy or check any additional items on that page except for the one below (“Build Your Website”)!

The only item you should have checked on the WHOLE ENTIRE PAGE is the “Build Your Website – 1 Month” one. That is all! In case you’re wondering why you have to buy “Build Your Website” skip down to the FAQ.

After selecting “Build Your Website”, skip to the bottom of the page and press the orange “Continue” button.

Step 8:
Now On Your Cart Page

Once on that page, do the following:

  • Make sure the info is right and it is the domain you want.
  • Make sure the total says “$6.19″ for now (unless of course before you got to the cart page you added additional cart items that I did not specify, then your total may be more).
  • Check the “I have read the Domain Registration License Agreement” considering you agree to it.
  • In the “If you have a promo or source code enter it here:” field, enter in “USA6” and click Apply (see below), this will give you an extra dollar off (see below)! or Enter “AMAZON1” for 10% off .

Step 9:
Select your payment type and pay for the domain.
Now you will have the domain (do note it can take up to 24 hours for them to put the domain in your account, however; usually it is instant). If the domain hasn’t appeared in your account after 24 hours, consult GoDaddy support.

Now, the next step in “Step 9″ is VERY IMPORTANT!
In order to receive the discount, you had to buy a non-domain product (the cheapest one was “Build Your Website” so that is why I had you chose that one). Build Your Website will be billed monthly to you unless you cancel your monthly subscription to it!
So, in order to cancel your subscription to Build Your Website (which you don’t need after your domain purchase) follow the following steps:

  • Login to GoDaddy if you already are not.
  • Click “Customer Info & More” on top. Then select “Credit Card & Payment Info” from that dropdown menu.
  • Click the text link “View All Renewing Items”
  • Find and check “Build Your Website” and click the “Cancel” button on top
  • Find and check “Cancel at Expiration Date”.

Remember if you do not cancel your subscription to “Build Your Website” as posted above, you will be charged on a recurring basis for $1.95 each month. As long as you followed in my instructions in Step 9, you have nothing to fear about “Build Your Website”.


Q: Why did I have to buy “Build Your Website” Plan?
A: In order to save on and receive a discount on the domain(s) you buy from GoDaddy, you have to buy a “non-domain product” (which is what “Build Your Website” fits under). By buying “Build Your Website”, you qualify for the discount and therefor the domain price goes from $8.95 to $1.99, then they add “Build Your Website” to the cost (which is an additional $4.95) but the domain remains cheaper than it normally would be. Plus if you throw in the promo code, you eventually only end up paying $6.45.
Don’t forget the second half of Step 9 – remember to cancel your subscription to “Build Your Website” so you don’t get billed for it the next month!

Q: Will GoDaddy bill me more than $6.45?
A: Not if you properly follow this guide they sure won’t.

Q: How many domains/renewals/transfers can I use this “discount” on?
A: You can use this guide on as many domains as you want.

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