From last few month I`m constantly monitoring peoples thought on Dmoz Directory . The largest human edited directory , i`m sorry to say but it`s just isn`t worth !!

Just browse through any category , ANY! you`ll find thousands of webpages that isn`t worth to be listed. Say in web design section, you`ll find pages by kids who have made for just for fun on free site and got listed . And the usefull ? yeah they`ll get listed , don`t worry ! maybe in next 20 years they will.

So the so called human edited directory is Human edited , Right ? We are & know humans .Hmmm…I think I trust bots more now . One of my friend is tired of trying to submit a site for a year now , that site is just PERFECT for the category , it doesn`t use any advertisment or scam. but nope ! .

I personally tried becoming an editor , I agree I may not be fit the category , but when I tried they mailed me that I had used personal sites for advertisment !!!! I don`t know on what basis do they make you editor , may be how much you don`t know about the category !

I saw at a website, in some case it`s purely money under table way .

If Google and Yahoo! like huge search engines were not supporting it , Dmoz would have been a history now.