Twitter, the best start-up in 2008 and why you should use itRecently CNN quoted it to be the “The Hottest Web Startup”, and it definitely is ! If you still are not using it, you should definitely start. So to define twitter, its a web service to which you can post what you are doing right now.


You can keep Twitter under control from Phone, IM, and most 3rd party applications by using the designated Twitter commands. There is a big bunch of applications/widgets/plugins available for twitter which works on almost all platforms. Few of them

  • Twhirl – A desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform for both Windows & Mac
  • Twitterrific – A compact client that publishes tweets, shows unread tweets, has easy access to profile pages, shows either public or friend timeline, and more.
  • Twitter-Sync for Yahoo – Syncs Twitter status with Yahoo Messenger status.
  • Twessenger – Updates Live Messenger status to reflect latest tweet.
  • Twidget – Update your Twitter status within Dashboard.
  • gTwitter – GTK+ based app inspired by Twitterrific.
  • TwitterFox – Compact Firefox extension that can publish and view tweets.
  • Twippera – Twitter widget for Opera that can send and view tweets.
  • iTweet – A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone.
  • WildSets – Extensve Twitter app for mobile phones.
  • TwitterBerry – Twitter built for various Blackberry devices. Update and view timelines with ease.

Its not limited to what we personally do, many of the popular websites have their twitter pages, if you follow them, you are updated with their latest updates. So go ahead and start twitterring tweeple !


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