I used to wonder what made these three high rated search engines different ? . Well this is my view .

Google : Lists the URL`s it thinks is smart , and has links with the big guys. If you have a site then you should have high ranked pages linked to it , to become a normal site , otherwise you are a loser.
MSN : Lists anything nomatter what the content is ! You have a site then it`ll surely get listed, but woh…hoo.. wait for the next … Yahoo!

Yahoo! : It has a feeling that it`s the biggest , it takes any URL doesn`t matter if it exists now or not, trust me if page rank was Yahoo`s then my site would have Page Rank 10 right now .
I searched links from my site and Google shows 115, MSN 85 and Yahoo! with 1,510 Results. I`m not blamming for listing all the links but it gets crapier when we search for something .


Things I like abt ’em ,

  • Google : Can“t say why I keep going there , feel like addicted to it.
  • MSN : One thing I liked about MSN is that it does update the pages., image search is pretty fast and good compared to the two.
  • Yahoo! : Get options like RSS: View as XML – Add to My Yahoo! etc. Video Search ,and … oh ya! Refresh your sweet memory with the page`s you made years ago and forgot .