Ggoal : Search engine based on human intelligenceGgoal is the first search engine based on human intelligence, created by users and for users, with the sole aim of offering added value to the web knowledge through the free user-created content. Its a completely free search engine that it is at users’ disposal and it is always enhanced by users’ contributions. Its main features are: it is user-friendly, simple and really effective.

Ggoal offers a keyword-based content search service on the web. It supplies the user with links, internet addresses and multimedia content into different formats following the shared interactivity criteria.

Ggoal is based on the users-created contributions in order to increase its effectiveness. Keywords, links ad internet addresses are user-created content: that’s tantamount to say that a community of people is actively involved in the production and widespread of knowledge.

Thanks to Ggoal, web users insert the item of their search obtaining immediate results, but above all it actively offers an added value indicating different options in terms of search criteria according to users’ personal need and it allows web surfers to use its knowledge background.

As Ggoal has been developed with Ajax technology allows users to issue and to use every single added contribution in a fast way without the need to update the web page every time. Therefore, this high-standard quality system is more interactive, fast and user-friendly.

Ggoal hinges on Web 2.0 and on its philosophy, but it uses the web in a new and original manner as it is oriented to a free widespread of information and knowledge. It allows users to share multimedia data and to trigger a massive widespread of information on the web. Ggoal follows the criteria of an endless enhancement through the increasing number of its users.