Cellswapper.comMany people are locked into cell phone contracts with unsatisfactory service and no way out.According to the US Public Interest Research Group, nearly half of all US cellular phone customers would switch, or consider switching, their current service carrier if they did not have to pay an early termination penalty of up to $240.


  • Cellswapper.com has developed a social network for the exchange of cell phone plans and phones.
  • CellSwapper.com transfers the remainder of a contract to another interested party. It is a win-win situation, as unsatisfied customer gets out of their unwanted contact and the assuming party gets a free, short-term contract – as low as 1 month – without having to pay the hefty activation fee usually incurred with a new service plan.
  • Most short term contracts come bundled with a free phone or cash incentive that is offered as an incentive by the seller.
  • Free posting of plans/contracts.
  • CellSwapper has developed Transfer Trackingâ„¢ technology to keep all parties up to date with the contract transfer.
  • Consumers become free to change their cell phone plans as often as they wish!

The Apple iPhone

  • Since the Apple iPhone is a Cingular exclusive, anybody who wants to buy one will need to first become cell phone contract-free. In that sense, for many consumers CellSwapper will serve as perhaps the only means of getting an iPhone.