dhtmlxTabbar is a JavaScript tabbar control for creating dynamic tab-navigation interface. This control lets you add nice looking and powerful multiline* tab bar to your site or web application.
The control can be easily initialized on a web page that makes building of DHTML tabbed interface a breeze. Just assign any elements on your page (for example DIVs) to tabs of Tabbar, and it will automatically do all work for you – the component will switch these elements displaying them by clicking on corresponding tab (see sample code for easy and fast initialization at the bottom of this page).

dhtmlxTabbar : AJAX powered DHTML JavaScript Tabbar component with rich APITabs can be left, right, top or button aligned. You can define tabs appearance according to different visual styles (predefined or your own). Cross-browser compatible, XML driven and fully configurable dhtmlxTabbar with rich javascript API provides a simple but powerful solution for building client-side navigation. Togather with other dhtmlx components: dhtmlxTree, dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid, dhtmlxMenu and dhtmlxToolbar – it constitutes ready to use basis for any AJAX driven web based application.

dhtmlxTabbar v.1.1 is available since November 13, 2006. Main new features include:

  • IE7.0 & FireFox 2.0 compatible
  • Full control over each tab with script API (hide/disable/remove/add etc.)
  • Flexible width/height control
  • XHTML compatibility
  • Easy loading from HTML structure (extended attributes list)
  • Fixed various issues with tabs content

Download :

Examples, Licensing and Documentation : scbr.com