Zeedex : Expand your searchZeedex gives you suggestions to help expand your search. When you find a term you’re interested in, click on it and that term will be put into the search box. The lists are created and edited by users. It’s like having a list of topic suggestions right at hand to help you find what you’re looking for.
The creator, Russell Miller running a promotion right now, where if you create a list, you can also include a free text ad for your site. This is a great way to promote your site by sharing information on a topic you know a lot about.

NOTE: Most people won’t use a list that’s explicitly commercial. So while it’s fine to put info about your business in the *text ad*, the list itself should not be promotional, otherwise people won’t use it. As an example, a good list for a camera site would be something like this: Ad – Bob’s camera store. List – different lense manufacturers

How to create a list and get free advertising:
1. Go to Zeedex.com.
2. Try doing a search for “dogs” so you can see what some lists look like.
Try clicking on some boxes to add those words to your search.
3. Register by clicking on the “Register” link at the top right.
4. After registering, click on the “Create a list” link. This will take you
into the edit screen, and you will be prompted to enter some information about
your list:

  • Title: (the title for your list, e.g. Famous Buildings)
  • Keywords: (related words that aren’t in the title or the terms themselves. These won’t be visible to searchers, but will help pull up the list for related searches. e.g. Architecture)
  • Search Term: (This is the first term in your list, e.g. Empire State Building. Do not put more than one search term in this box. To add extra terms, use the “Add Search Terms” button.)
  • Description: (An optional description of the term. e.g. The Empire State Building is a skyscraper in New York City. It was built in 1931, and is the tallest building in the city)
  • Image: (This is an optional link to a picture of the term. For our example, it might be http://www.site.com/empire.jpg )

Then click on “Add Search Terms”, and you can add your next Search term, description, and image. You can add as many search terms as you like. When you are done creating your list, enter your sponsorship information at the bottom. This will become your text ad.

When you are done, press “save” and your list will be created. If you want to add another item later, just search for the list and click on the “edit” link in the lower right of the list, and then enter any changes.