Nokia going Web 2.0 : Browsers to support AjaxNokia is going Web 2.0 ! Its trying to make its browsers support Ajax.This article offers an outline of AJAX issues on the Nokia Web Browser. It opens the discussion – and makes a case – for developers to begin considering the benefits from using this technology. Forum Nokia plans to begin a series of publications aimed at helping developers bring much more dynamic and engaging content onto mobile browser screens.

Basically, the purpose of the document is to start a discussion (espessially with web developers) about how to ensure that mobile users gain the same benefits from AJAX technology as those who are browsing from their desktop PCs. Nokia aims to collect and publish a set of best practices and guidelines for general AJAX development that targets mobile Internet access via the new Nokia Web Browser.

Although Nokia’s latest S60 browser is truly an amazing experience , it still can’t be called complete yet. As there are Challenges encountered in this trial, Many AJAX patterns are impossible to use without a mouse or touchscreen, for example:

  • The click/drag method used in A9 maps.
    • AJAX effect does work, but too slowly (much data transfer, processing power needed).
    • Application map area is too small or squeezed. Mobile screen size needs to be considered.
  • Drag-and-drop, using an AJAX-based shopping basket.
  • “Hover here” for pop-up details. Pop-up might be off-screen in mobile browser with no means to navigate to it.