mnemomap : A new way of searchingmnemomap is a new way to search the internet. It combines technologies of social networking, search engines and other data sources to help you formulate search queries and find really relevant information. mnemomap uses flash and has a clean and simple interface which searches yahoo, flickr and youtube for the query. I wonder why they left google ? and in the search results of yahoo all URL’s are Yahoo! redirects, not a prob but would be nicer if they made it clean URL’s.

Today’s search engines have some common flaws: Though easy to use, they hardly deliver any concept to assist the user in finding relevant information. They are somewhat straight-forward: give a word, get a list.

mnemomap can do better: in an interactive way we help the user to refine search queries by providing alternative or additional search parameters on-the-fly. By providing tags, translations and many other data sources to find words we help formulating a search query that delivers better results. And finally: we show live search results. You won’t have to wonder whether you’re using the right words in queries. The live feedback enables you to see it realtime! At the moment mnemomap is still running alpha