FeedBlendr : Blend you feedsFeedBlendr is an application which will merge two or more feeds. If you have 5 blogs with feeds, be it atom or RSS 2.0, just specify the urls and click Blend, thats it ! All you 5 blog feeds will apear on the feedblendr URI. You can choose from RSS 2.0 or atom feed URI. Its a great service especially for people who run a blog network or perhaps a person who is interested in reading all the vlogs iin certain category.

I tried out compiling a small web 2.0 blogs RSS list – http://feedblendr.com/rss/3711 which blends feeds from Ajaxian, Techcrunch, Sr-ultimate, AJAX Magazine etc. Try subscribing to it ;). Here’s some more ideas for cool blends you could make with FeedBlendr.