August 2008

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Navigaya : News, Search, Video, Music everything at one place!

Navigaya is definitively an interesting creation. There no single word to define the site, as it has almost everything we look everyday over the internet, News, Search, Video, Music, Maps, Finance, Weather, Magazines, Calender, Pictures, TV, Games, Design (that’s the categories I found in the footer nav).

One of most interesting part of it is that, there’s a music video (from Youtube, Google video etc.) playing in the background always (which you can pause or change anytime.)

Based on Adobe Flash, the site acts as a navigator for you to different sections you might be interested in. There is a timeline navigation in the footer which basically is a collection of external links of best known websites in that category, more like a ready-made bookmark list. The external links

Starting at the “Home”, You are welcomed with the blocks of different news sections, updated every few seconds, which further expands by clicking on the category, giving you list of news in the category from popular news websites.

The Search feature, which is available anytime by taking your cursor in the middle of the window, searches few popular sites like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Altavista, (and for some reason) cuil and few others in different sub windows. Which is pretty useful if you like comparing the results.

Verdict : If you don’t mind the little browser/system performance taken by flash, Navigaya makes a great start up page.


Hacks &Tutorials05 Aug 2008

Feedburner hack: how to get 2500 subscribers overnight has posted an interesting flaw in Feedburner. Joop Dorresteijn found an easy way to hack Feedburner (Not the obvious hack that simply steals a chicklet from a popular site).
The hack is pretty simple and just takes is an OPML file, a Netvibes account and overnight you have any number of subscribers you want. The cache is, Feedburner thinks each Netvibes OPML file feed entry is a individual subscriber, so you can create as many feeds as you want in the OPML file and import it to netvibes and you’re done ;) .

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