December 2006

Ajax &Web 2.022 Dec 2006

AskItOnline : Online Surveys simplified

AskItOnline allows you to create and take surveys online. The survey editor uses a very intuitive drag ‘n’ drop interface for maximum efficiency, so you can spend your time worrying about other things. It indeed is a cutting edge online tool that allows you to efficiently create surveys and have others take them online using features like:

  • Drag & drop interface
  • Numerous themes to choose from, or create your own!
  • Cross-platform support
  • Free & paid options to suit your requirements


Ajax &Mobile/Cell Phones/HandHelds &Web 2.018 Dec 2006

mojax : World’s first Mobile AJAX Application Frameworks

mojax is one of the world’s first Mobile AJAX Application Frameworks. Unlike traditional AJAX Web Frameworks, mojax Moblets do not run within a browser and are not subject to the availability and quality of a network connection. Also, unlike a web application running on a mobile device, a mojax moblet has access to lower level device features such as Camera API, Push Messaging, Bluetooth, Location Services, Contacts and more.

Traditionally, AJAX developers combine XML, CSS, and Javascript to develop Web applications. mojax applies AJAX concepts to J2ME MIDP applications for mobile devices. Using mojax, AJAX developers with no mobile programming experience can quickly and easily create mobile applications.


General15 Dec 2006

iliketotallyloveit : Stuffs everyone loves is a free online application which offers a unique service that allows users to submit cool, hot, beautiful stuffs preferable with a link where it may be bought. If enough people agree that it is hot it will get promoted to the front page and thus exposed to a broad audience, comparable to Rather than providing extensive product descriptions the site functions as a community-based popularity contest: which product is loved or not.
In the content, it features tags for easy navigation and search. More like the blog options it has comments, trackback, trackback and the meta links to add stuff to popular bookmarking websites

Ajax &Web 2.010 Dec 2006

TonicPoint : Online Ajax Powerpoint with SVG/VML

TonicPoint : Online Ajax Powerpoint with SVG/VMLTonicPoint is another Online Powerpoint Presentation application. Few of the similar appz are Thumbstacks, Empresser, iRows etc. The registrations are currently restricted. You might want to have a look at the demo in Flash.

  • Store and share your existing presentations online.
    Upload any Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation.
  • Create and edit presentations in your browser.
    Rich graphical editor loads and saves PPT files—no plugins required!
  • Present your ideas using simple conferencing tools.
    Initiate a conference for any presentation with two clicks.
  • Save to your desktop.
    All presentations are automatically exported to PDF.
Ajax &Codes/Scripts &General &Web 2.009 Dec 2006

Add Thumbnail Preview with on any site for free with Snap

Snap is providing a really interesting service of adding Thumbnail Previews on any website for free .

What is Snap Preview Anywhere? Snap Preview Anywhere enables anyone visiting your site to get a glimpse of what other sites you’re linking to, without having to leave your site. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus eliminating wasted “trips” to linked sites.


Ajax &Web 2.005 Dec 2006

S.N.I.M.M.R : Chat on Y!, MSN, AIM, ICQ without password ?

S.N.I.M.M.R. stands for Single Network Instant Messaging Mediation and Relay. It is a instant messaging service helps you to chat with any person on any network using any instant messenger. The interesting part is your private AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Google email and IM password is not collected or required to chat.

  • Web IM Page : Apart from that it also provides a Web IM Page where it lets you IM with your page visitors quickly and seamlessly with plenty of protections and controls both for you and your visitors. You can use your Web IM page on your website, blog, as part of your listing on a social network or a forum.
  • Use any instant messenger : Use AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk or Jabber instant messenger. Chat on any IM network using any instant messenger. If your instant messenger is inaccessible or blocked use your browser (Web IM) to chat.
  • Your private IM password is not required : Your AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Google email password is not required, collected or stored.
  • Your IM screenname and online presence information are protected and not disclosed to your visitors at any time.
  • Customize the colors of your Web IM page to match your website or blog.
  • Display special promotional or advertising text messages to your visitors during Web IM sessions.
Web 2.001 Dec 2006

BlogTalkRadio : Platform to host a live blogshow online

BlogTalkRadio : Platform to host a live blogshow onlineWhile radio has been preoccupied with satellite radio, which requires expensive equipment, pod casting, which is not live, and Internet radio, which requires downloading, services such as BlogTalkRadio pose almost no barrier to participation. Literally, anyone with something to say now has a platform, including the 50 million bloggers, who can speak live to engage their niche communities. Social radio is inherently viral, social and participatory. It may be radio for the MySpace generation. The blog has changed the face of media and communication. But unfortunately, it has its limits. Primarily, the blog does not allow for real-time interaction between the blogger and his or her readers.

BlogTalkRadio extends the blog to allow such live interaction, as well as allow users to generate and consume content in audio format as well as in written format.