September 2006

Search Engines &Web 2.028 Sep 2006

mnemomap : A new way of searching

mnemomap : A new way of searchingmnemomap is a new way to search the internet. It combines technologies of social networking, search engines and other data sources to help you formulate search queries and find really relevant information. mnemomap uses flash and has a clean and simple interface which searches yahoo, flickr and youtube for the query. I wonder why they left google ? and in the search results of yahoo all URL’s are Yahoo! redirects, not a prob but would be nicer if they made it clean URL’s.

Today’s search engines have some common flaws: Though easy to use, they hardly deliver any concept to assist the user in finding relevant information. They are somewhat straight-forward: give a word, get a list.

mnemomap can do better: in an interactive way we help the user to refine search queries by providing alternative or additional search parameters on-the-fly. By providing tags, translations and many other data sources to find words we help formulating a search query that delivers better results. And finally: we show live search results. You won’t have to wonder whether you’re using the right words in queries. The live feedback enables you to see it realtime! At the moment mnemomap is still running alpha

Codes/Scripts24 Sep 2006

[WordPress plugin] GeoPress : Embed location information in blog posts

Ever wanted to show a location on your blog post ? You can do that without linking to other map services with Geopress. GeoPress is a WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly and easily embed location information in blog posts. You can then embed a dynamic map, Microformat adr and geo output, and adds GeoRSS to the RSS output.

GeoPress : WordPress plugin to embed location information in blog posts
Web 2.021 Sep 2006

Monoslideshow – your photos on your site

Monoslideshow - your photos on your site

Monoslideshow is a Flash slideshow to view your images in a web page. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size you want and filled with whatever content you like. It’s designed for maximum flexibility, whether you want to have a professional looking portfolio, or just an image rotator on your website.But it comes with a price tag of 19.95 $ . I think they should try giving some free download option too perhaps with less options or like :) .


  • Resize and position everything to suit your needs
  • Color every object in the slideshow
  • Contains high quality typefaces
  • Create your own water mark
  • Supports sound and music
  • Monoslideshow talks XML, so it’s easily integrated in your existing site


Reviews/News &Web 2.015 Sep 2006

biznik : Promote your Business, find a partner

biznik : Promote your Business, find a partner

Biznik is to business what indie film is to cinema: it’s independent business with an edge. As a group we tend to value originality and forward-thinking over the tried, the true and the traditional. But don’t let our independence fool you – we’re urban-minded collaborators, and know that helping each other is the fastest (and most fun) way to grow our businesses. Its is independent business collaboration with an edge. Biznik is the place where you meet new individuals who are professionals in their own respective fields.


Web 2.013 Sep 2006

SnapBits : Securely store Information

SnapBits : Securely store InformationSnapBits is a free service that may be used to securely store, search, sort and easily retrieve “Bits” of information. These “Bits” may be anything you wish to remember or keep a note of. You may store as many as you like and unlike conventional paper notes, you will never lose or fail to find your information.

With a SnapBits account you will have the ability to conveniently store text notes, phone numbers, passwords, personal information, source code and any reminder you may require at a later stage. You may even have your “Bits” sent to your SnapBits account via email! Best of all, it is absolutely free. Snapbits also offer a secure layer for communication with our servers (SSL).

Web 2.012 Sep 2006

Isabont : Organize your Job search

Isabont : Organize your Job searchIsabont keeps track of your job search activities including conversation notes, “applied to” positions, sent documents – and links it all together. With a contact manager, calendar, to-do lists, document creator and position-tracker all inter-connected, you’ll have everything you need at your finger tips to land the job you want. It offers simple and easy navigation of compnies you have applied to, a calender for events, to-do’s reminders and more.

Reviews/News &Web 2.006 Sep 2006

Litefeeds : Mobile RSS, blog, bookmarking and more

Ever wanted to read your favorite rss feeds on mobile ? Litefeeds offers just that. Litefeeds mobile is an application that you can install over the air to your mobile device (or download and install). Once installed simply enter your litefeeds username and password and your mobile device will synchronize with your online account, receiving all of your chosen feeds.

Post articles to your Blog : Enter your blog settings in the Configure panel of your online account. Once configured you can post to your blog while mobile with just a click of a button. Simply click ‘Blog It’ on your mobile to post an article. You can add your own comments alongside the article as well.


Reviews/News &Web 2.003 Sep 2006

Nimbuzz : Chat and IM from phone

Still paying too much in mobile phone charges? Wouldn’t you enjoy calling France, Singapore or other countries at low, local per-minute rates? How would you like the freedom to chat with your MSN or Google Talk buddies on your mobile phone – everywhere you go, exchanging text messages for free?

Nimbuzz : Chat and IM from phoneNimbuzz lets you use your mobile phone to chat and send text messages to all your friends in the Nimbuzz community as well as MSN and Google Talk. You can also use Nimbuzz to call anyone around the world at the rate of a local call.

The Nimbuzz patented technology lets users call other users simply
by clicking their nickname in their Nimbuzz chat client buddy list.
With this request, a local GSM connection is established with one of the company’s domestic access numbers. Then the call is converted to a VOIP connection with the other party through one of the company’s central switches located in Amsterdam, New York or Hong Kong. Nimbuzz Voice will work from mobile-to-mobile, from mobile-to-PC and from PC-to-mobile, giving users the freedom to verbally chat with buddies across the same technology platform. Initial Nimbuzz Voice introduction will service Nimbuzz Chat users, followed by Google Talk and Skype.

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