August 2006

Ajax &Web 2.026 Aug 2006

Radius IM, yet another Ajax Web Messenger

Perhaps I should add a new category for web messengers itself. A new Web messenger is created almost every month and even better than the previous . RadiusIM is the new kid on block. RadiusIM supports Yahoo!, MSN and Gtalk Id’s on their completely ajax based web service.
The site has a good UI and responds nicely so far. Again … It will be great alternative for the people who have blocked meebo or e-messsenger in their office or school ;) .

Also :

General23 Aug 2006

Technical Problems

Site is experiencing lots of problems lately. You might recieve a 404 Not found error or a server error sometime. I am trying to fix this as soon as possible .

So I apologize to all you faithfull readers for the delay :) .

Web 2.018 Aug 2006

Online resources for pet owners : Pikapet and Pawspot

Online resources for pet owners Pikapet and Pawspot

Pawspot is free pet sitting from your circle of friends.Finding someone to care for our pet is usually a frustrating experience, with an expensive solution. If you are a pet owner who travels on occasion you are most likely familiar with the calls to family and friends, begging for their pet sitting services. PawSpot has the solution to your pet sitting needs. At PawSpot you can exchange pet sitting for free with pet loving friends who you know and trust. All you have to do is register yourself and your pet at, invite your closest pet loving friends to join your network, and PawSpot will take care of the rest!
In addition, PawSpot is a great place to post and share photos of your pet, exchange advice on pet health care and happiness, and learn about local pet services in your community.

Online resources for pet owners Pikapet and Pawspot

Pikapet is an online playground for pet owners who want to have fun with their cute pets. Pet owners upload cute pictures of their pets and they get to participate in online contests, attracting users to browse and vote for the cutest ones. This interaction makes Pikapet a fun place to hang out, participate and explore hundreds of pets of all kinds and from all over the world.

Web 2.017 Aug 2006

Famster : Your Family Home

FamsterFamster : Your Family Home is your family’s home on the Internet one complete website that is personalized to your family. Its a family oriented web space that can be built to give your family an online identity. Famster enables you to customize each family members account so that you can password protect certain data and make others freely available. You can also assign different read and write privacy levels for each user.

Share your family’s photos, videos and memories safely and securely with others online. But, first you need to christen an account. With say, a family surname. With your newly acquired webspace you can then start blogging, uploading photos, videos. You also get a file cabinet with 50MB worth of storage. With which you can organize all your important family events, dates, lists. You can store recipes, maintain scrapbook, get news feeds, set up a character studio – namely avatars for friends and family and much more…

Ajax &Reviews/News &Web 2.013 Aug 2006

Xcellery : A new spreadsheet app to the list

Xcellery is another spreadsheet added to the online list. Now unlike other speardsheets, Xcellery has an amazing feature of connecting both Xcellery and Microsoft Excel, so you can do the editing both online and offline.

Share and edit spreadsheets online using Microsoft® Excel. Xcellery automatically consolidates changes from your collaborators. Stop sending new versions of your spreadsheet.

Share and edit spreadsheets online using Microsoft® Excel. Xcellery automatically consolidates changes from your collaborators.


  • Edit online in Excel. No need to learn a new tool.
  • Work with others at the same time. Conflicts are resolved.
  • Don’t have Excel? Use Xcellery’s powerful AJAX browser editor.
  • Work offline and synchronize later.
  • Roll back to any previous revision.
  • and more
Ajax &Web 2.012 Aug 2006

Meez : Personalize yourself with a 3-D ID

Meez are about you expressing yourself online — and having fun doing it. Go ahead. Choose a sex. Select a skin tone. Add some hair. Go wild with different outfits and accessories. Meez gives you millions of potential combinations, so you can create a look that’s unique to you. As one person on our team likes to say, “Meez is about yooz.”

Once you’ve created your Meez, it’s time to get out there and show your digital self to the rest of the world. Use it as your personal I.D. when you’re on IM or messaging in your favorite online community. Place it in your blog. You can use your Meez on any site or program that accepts digital images.

Ajax &Web 2.010 Aug 2006

Toggl : online timetracker, Manage your work hours

Toggl : online timetracker, Manage your work hoursToggl is online time and meeting tracking software. It provides users with a secure and convenient way to track their individual and team work hours and meetings. With Toggl, there is no limit to the number of projects or users; this basic functionality is free. Users can invite as many people to Toggl as they wish with no charge.

You can invite co-workers, friends…anyone! to a Toggl Workspace with the invitation function. A Workspace is a community for team communication and planning. Toggl offers an unique additional feature that compliments the time tracking function and helps makes each Workspace a one-stop shop for gathering project information. Record meeting agendas, post future meeting dates, and archive past meetings so that the entire team can stay synchronized.

Mobile/Cell Phones/HandHelds &Web 2.008 Aug 2006

PixPulse : Mobile media publishing platform

PixPulse is a mobile media publishing platformPixPulse is a mobile media publishing platform for sharing photos, videos and blogs.
PixPulse offers some cool features that include instant uploads, phone to phone video and photo sharing. You can create your own mobile media blog and share it with other phones and the web. Or share your photos and videos on MySpace and blogs with PixPulse widgets. It is also an amazing place to meet up with new people who share similar interests.

PixPulse is a mobile media publishing platform

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