September 2005

Reviews/News28 Sep 2005

Dmoz isn`t Worth !

From last few month I`m constantly monitoring peoples thought on Dmoz Directory . The largest human edited directory , i`m sorry to say but it`s just isn`t worth !!

Just browse through any category , ANY! you`ll find thousands of webpages that isn`t worth to be listed. Say in web design section, you`ll find pages by kids who have made for just for fun on free site and got listed . And the usefull ? yeah they`ll get listed , don`t worry ! maybe in next 20 years they will.

General &Web Layouts22 Sep 2005

Feel Free ~ Website Layout

Feel Free Blue Website Template. Made it yesterday night when I saw the pic from Stock.Xhchng . Can`t remember the photographer though ^_^ . Thanks to Him .

Used : Macromedia Dreamweaver / Adobe Photoshop.

Feel Free Blue

View it

~ Only To be Viewed on 1024 x 768 pixel resolution :p


Reviews/News20 Sep 2005

Opera Browser now Freeware

Just about a week after Opera`s 10 year Celebration, Today, Tuesday 20 Sept, Opera the browser maker made it`s browser Free . Though Premium support is available only by paying. (more…)