July 2005

Codes/Scripts &PHP30 Jul 2005

Google pagerank inspector

Check your Website`s pagerank and the pagerank of the pages linked to it :)
~ HERE ~

Reviews/News24 Jul 2005

Longhorn to Be Christened ‘Windows Vista’

According to microsoft-watch.com Microsoft has decided on an official name for Longhorn: Windows Vista. !!!!

The last major version of Windows, code-named “Whistler,” eventually was christened Windows XP.

General24 Jul 2005

Get Your free Google Adwords

Google is currently giving 20 pounds Adwords voucher. By using this Advoucher you can advertise with Google for free till you finish your 20 Pounds. This is a promotional offer encouraging Webmasters to try there program to get more traffic into there website.

Get your free Adword voucher be fast before the offer ends.This offer is valid only for new Adwords customer so existing customer please excuse. Go grab it now!

Codes/Scripts &Fun ! &PHP11 Jul 2005

Cool Signature images

Creating ur own signature is hard ? not anymore with this Signature Image Creation ..

Type your name and click the image and you have it . Want these ?

Here or Here

It can Be used to create forum and email ID siggy`s , Basically it is aimed at prevention of spam bots from ripping your mail address , The veriety consists of most popular Website`s Companies and products .
You can even have your own siggy made for Free :) .

Psst : It`s my Creation .

Reviews/News10 Jul 2005

Firefox 1.0.5 Optimized Build – All Processors

This build uses Jairo Boudewyn’s icons. It includes latest security fixes from the Aviary branch.
It has some Bugs i think .. see the comments on the Page

Update : Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 Released
Download Firefox 1.0.6 for Windows – 4.60 MB


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