April 2005

Codes/Scripts &Tutorials25 Apr 2005

Free WAP/WML Site Hosting

Free WML/WAP site hosting.
Create a wap site within few hours for free (more…)

General22 Apr 2005

Best p2p

I downloaded a p2p software today , god ! it`s damn good , Search results are damn fast , the speed get max even on a Dial Up and no Spyware/Adware. just that say no to searchbar and Navhelper while installing. ~ Download
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Reviews/News &Search Engines21 Apr 2005

Differences in Google, MSN, Yahoo !

I used to wonder what made these three high rated search engines different ? . Well this is my view .

Google : Lists the URL`s it thinks is smart , and has links with the big guys. If you have a site then you should have high ranked pages linked to it , to become a normal site , otherwise you are a loser. (more…)

Reviews/News18 Apr 2005

Adobe to buy Macromedia !!! :-o

Was reading Feeds and came this eye popping news , Adobe to buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion from Cnet

Hmmm, now i suppose it would be the strongest company in Software field as Adobe and Macromedia were itself 2 big empires .


edit : Or maybe not , got another news “Developers react to Adobe’s Macromedia buy

Reviews/News &Search Engines15 Apr 2005

Search Engine Optimisation

Now it sounds like a usual stuff spoken everywhere, You Search Google for keyword “SEO” and there`s about 7,110,000 possible results . but one thing I noticed about my site in SEO is that after I changed to blog, the traffic from search engines are immence . (more…)

Fun !13 Apr 2005

Bollywood MuSic

Thought of having fun :) listening to music etc, asked Ricky about some and got this

It`s a PC of a guy at Boston I think , there are many kewl stuffs like ebooks, Hindi Video songs etc .

Edit : the site is currently under cunstruction.

General08 Apr 2005


THE Site and ME will not be online for sometime , will get back soon
I`m Back to Rock !!!!

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