Hooeey : A useful back button to the future : Another Stumbleupon ? Nope !hooeey is an application that helps you locate information quickly from your previously browsed web pages.

Most of us rarely care to log to the websites we visit. And when we use public terminals, the more hypercautious tend to delete the entries under the history button when we quit our work, on the sound principle that it is nobody’s business. But how often do we say “What was nice motoring forum we stumbles upon on last week ?”

Hooeey is a useful tool that allows its registered users to log to the history of their web browsing – across multiple platform. The tool lets the user switch the “Save the history” on or of, at will. Hooeey allows one to gather surfing history in one central service that one can view anytime and even ask for some basic statistical analysis to be done.
Google provides something similar with its search but they are limited to one’s use of google tools/search . And, Site’s like Stumbleupon and del.icio.us are just bookmarking services.

Record : hooeey toolbar records your web hops in your computer. Alternatively you can get hooeey button that records your web hops on your computer.
Hooeey : A useful back button to the future : Another Stumbleupon ? Nope !

Sort : hooeey lets you search, tag and rate your visited links even when you are off-line
Upload : hooeey stores your links in your personal online hooeey account.