Reviews/News &Web 2.006 Aug 2008

Navigaya : News, Search, Video, Music everything at one place!

Navigaya is definitively an interesting creation. There no single word to define the site, as it has almost everything we look everyday over the internet, News, Search, Video, Music, Maps, Finance, Weather, Magazines, Calender, Pictures, TV, Games, Design (that’s the categories I found in the footer nav).

One of most interesting part of it is that, there’s a music video (from Youtube, Google video etc.) playing in the background always (which you can pause or change anytime.)

Based on Adobe Flash, the site acts as a navigator for you to different sections you might be interested in. There is a timeline navigation in the footer which basically is a collection of external links of best known websites in that category, more like a ready-made bookmark list. The external links

Starting at the “Home”, You are welcomed with the blocks of different news sections, updated every few seconds, which further expands by clicking on the category, giving you list of news in the category from popular news websites.

The Search feature, which is available anytime by taking your cursor in the middle of the window, searches few popular sites like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Altavista, (and for some reason) cuil and few others in different sub windows. Which is pretty useful if you like comparing the results.

Verdict : If you don’t mind the little browser/system performance taken by flash, Navigaya makes a great start up page.


Reviews/News &Web 2.008 Mar 2008

Web 2.0 startups in India struggling

Business Standard and research firm IDC recently posted a reality check on web 2.0 start ups in India, according to them, majority of Indian Web 2.0 start ups don’t really have a real business model and are struggling for both revenues and investments.

It’s a shiny, new dance floor, but how many can dance? The Web 2.0 market in India is still struggling for direction and funding, though the start-up scene in the Indian consumer space has been vibrant. Yet, the number of Web 2.0 companies focused on the enterprise or business space can be counted on one’s fingers.

A majority of players are active in areas like social networking sites (SNS), blogging, and document and multimedia sharing in the consumer space. A mere 12 of the 67 India-focussed websites studied by research firm IDC have a clear enterprise or business-driven model to their operations, while 55 have a consumer focus.


Reviews/News &Social Networking &Web 2.005 Dec 2007

iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking Enthusiasts

iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking, a new online social community aimed at everyone interested in cooking. from outright beginners to proficient cooks. The site currently contains over 100 video tutorial recipes. Online cooking turorials guide viewers step-by-step through recipes developed by top class chefs who have travelled the world serving up dishes – such as ‘10 Minute Crab Cakes’ – to the stars from Bill Gates and Bono to Victoria Beckham.
iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking EnthusiastsCommon cooking conundrums are made simple, such as how to achieve a fail-safe soufflé and how to cook the perfect fish and steak. Recipes take their inspiration from worldwide cuisine and the accomplished cook can challenge themselves with more complex dishes like Okonomiyaki, a ‘Japanese pizza’ or Spanish classic Paella.


Reviews/News &Web 2.029 Nov 2006 : Enterprise Bliki = Enterprise Blog + Enterprise Wiki is an Enterprise Bliki that lets you and your peers build collaborate manage and publish (pronounced: ‘sign-in’) is an enterprise bliki service that allows teams, companies or communities to manage, organize, store, version, search through, collaborate & discuss upon, share and publish any kind of information or data. It can manage all your rich content, audio, video, images, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, archives and any type of files. conceptually simplifies the way people deal with their information. To its users, any data is simply a ‘note’. A note could contain rich textual content, pictures, media, categorization tags, or files of any type. Notes can be created, managed and edited completely using the web based word processor. Every user in the system can create notes that can be stored for oneself, shared with other users for collaboration, or can be published on the web or the intranet for others to consume and discuss upon. comes with its own ‘web space’ and a secure ‘intranet space’ allowing you to share, publish and broadcast information effortlessly.

General &Reviews/News10 Nov 2006

TheyMatter : All Contact informations in one place.

TheyMatter : All Contact informations in one, puts all of your social networking websites and other contact information in one place. (See an example profile:

You can add a profile for yourself, or submit profiles for your friends. Other than your name, you can submit as much or as little information as you choose, and it’s a great place for friends and family to go to get your latest contact info.

Google &Reviews/News11 Oct 2006

Atlast ! Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 Billion

Atlast ! Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 BillionAfter so much buzz around Google finally announced (Oct 09 / ’06) that it has agreed to acquire YouTube, the consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos through a Web experience, for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction.

The acquisition combines one of the largest and fastest growing online video entertainment communities with Google’s expertise in organizing information and creating new models for advertising on the Internet. The combined companies will focus on providing a better, more comprehensive experience for users interested in uploading, watching and sharing videos, and will offer new opportunities for professional content owners to distribute their work to reach a vast new audience.


Reviews/News &Web 2.008 Oct 2006

Ewidi : Connecting the world, publish, search and interact in a free, fast and easy way

Ewidi : Connecting the world, publish, search and interact in a free, fast and easy wayEwidi is a universal messaging board that allows users to Publish, Search and Interact , all in one, in any language of the world, and whose interface can be displayed already in 26 different languages ; its free, fast and very easy to use, users can publish choosing simply a username and a password, no personal data is ever requested or needed and anonimity and privacy are reserved all through the process.

Ewidi is a new tool and Ewidi is all about people, not information, it is the quickest way to connect with the rest of the world, a contact spot where you can search and publish what you want, to find and be found by others around the planet. You can imagine Ewidi as a free worldwide dynamic message board, a new kind of engine that deals with people instead of information.

General &Reviews/News &Web 2.007 Oct 2006

Mobunga : Your guide to video downloads for iPod, PSP and mobile phones

What if there was no TV Guide? What if the only way to know what was on TV was by continuously flipping through channels in the hope that you might find something? It would make for an overwhelming experience, and that’s precisely the issue with Web video today. With the dramatic increase of downloadable videos, it’s become nearly impossible for even savvy users to find what’s interesting to them. That’s where Mobunga comes in.

.Mobunga is a community-driven site designed to help video fans find the best mobile video content that’s available on the Web. We believe that most people have mobile, active lives, and they shouldn’t be forced to restrict their videos to the desktop.

Users can come to Mobunga and browse through our directory in one of several ways: by Format (iPod, PSP, Phone), by Genre, through the use of Tags, through Mobunga’s many featured charts (Most Popular, Highest Rated, etc), or combinations thereof. With the help of community-driven features and our own editorial picks, users will easily find all sorts of videos, from the latest movie trailers and short films to travel tips and cooking shows. And best of all, you can always take them with you, because every video featured on Mobunga is available to download.

For initial public beta release, Mobunga supports videos formatted for the iPod, PSP (playstation portable), and (U.S.) mobile phones.

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