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Search Engines &Wht the ... !20 Nov 2005

Google Registers A Few New Domain Names

Last couple of Days, Folks in Mountain View have registered few domains .

and more.


Fun ! &Tutorials &Wht the ... !26 May 2005

Google & Rapidshare Hacks : Rapidshare Tricks, Megaupload, Yousendit Hacks, Crack Rapidshare.de

Got some cool google and rapidshare.de hacks ;)

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Wht the ... !17 Mar 2005

Firefox has Exploit too ? Cool !

Aila ! Mozilla Firefox has exploit too !!!… hurray…. ……… !! LOL

I was searching Security forums and found this it states that :

This exploit modifies the UID field in the cookies.txt file of Mozilla’s browsers in such a way that when the browser will try to access the phpBB forum it will be granted access with the user_id provided rather than the original one.

Donno How it works though