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Office Applications10 Mar 2008

eXpressocorp : Yet another online Spreadsheet service

eXpresso is a powerful new way to manage and share your Excel Spreadsheets. A real time collaborative environment for Excel spreadsheet users – all available online. Its a secure, browser-based resource that enables users to share and collaborate on any Excel file, regardless of location.The solution assists in the trend toward managed on-line business communities.

eXpresso is complete and immediately usable without installation, support or training. Individuals can use it ad hoc with real-time collaboration capabilities and version control. Enterprise users can rely on it as their corporate standard that meets established benchmarks for security, permissions and backup.

Unfortunately, It does not support Firefox .. or Opera or Camino so if you are on a mac or linux you can’t use it. :/

Another addition to the online office application list , Google Spreadsheets, xcellery, iRows, editGrid

Office Applications &Web 2.009 Mar 2008

Mindomo : Web-Based mind mapping software

Mindomo is the most advanced FREE online mind mapping software based on flash, excellent for organizing, project planning, task scheduling, brainstorming and studying. Delivering the capabilities of desktop mind mapping software in a Web browser with no complex software to install or maintain.

Mindomo : Web-Based mind mapping software

It is freely accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It offers all the functionalities you would expect from a desktop application! Create, share and include your maps in blogs, web sites or browse thousands of public maps created by other users!

Ajax &Office Applications &Web 2.005 Mar 2007

OfficeZilla : Free virtual office

OfficeZilla : Free virtual officeOfficeZilla is a free virtual office which gives your group free calendar, file sharing, contact manager and message sharing. You can use it for your personal requirements or utilize the sharing features and add as many people into your GroupWare as you want to.OfficeZilla has no set limitations on file uploads, disk space, or mail space. It is ideal for your personal requirements or you can also utilize the sharing features and add as many people into your GroupWare as you want to. The calendar is free standing and does not synch up with any other calendars at this time but you can upload a CSV file of your contacts to the contact manager. Its complete set of features include Calendars, Contact Manager, Message Forums, Knowledge Base, Pop Email Reader, Link/URL Sharing, File Sharing, Chat Room, Phone Message Pad and Task Manager.