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Reviews/News &Social Networking &Web 2.005 Dec 2007

iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking Enthusiasts

iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking, a new online social community aimed at everyone interested in cooking. from outright beginners to proficient cooks. The site currently contains over 100 video tutorial recipes. Online cooking turorials guide viewers step-by-step through recipes developed by top class chefs who have travelled the world serving up dishes – such as ‘10 Minute Crab Cakes’ – to the stars from Bill Gates and Bono to Victoria Beckham.
iFOODS.TV : Social Community for Cooking EnthusiastsCommon cooking conundrums are made simple, such as how to achieve a fail-safe soufflé and how to cook the perfect fish and steak. Recipes take their inspiration from worldwide cuisine and the accomplished cook can challenge themselves with more complex dishes like Okonomiyaki, a ‘Japanese pizza’ or Spanish classic Paella.


Social Networking &Web 2.001 Dec 2007 : Addictive gaming + Social Networking : Play and meet new People

With more and more social networking sites coming out everyday, there are very few you want to move to. Doof is something unique which provide you much more than a average networking site with introduction of some cool games (its flash based website and bit heavy.) : Addictive gaming + Social Networking : Play and meet new is all about playing games, meeting people, competition and expressing yourself. Fusing together Casual Gaming and Social Networking, doof provides a true web 2.0 Social Gaming Experience. Games includes Arcade Games, Action Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Racing Games, Word Games &Multi-player games . : Addictive gaming

Bursting with games and cool ways to meet and beat others, doof is a cutting edge social web application wrapped up in a visually stunning package.When combined properly, the fun and excitement of casual gaming together with the friendship and rivalry experienced in social networking makes for a truly explosive cocktail…..which doof knows exactly how to make!

Meet and Beat at, the home of Social Gaming.

Unlimited expressions, Interactions, completion, fun and much, much more . Perhaps Google should start worrying ;) .

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