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Ajax &Mobile/Cell Phones/HandHelds &Web 2.014 Jan 2007 : The eBay of Cell Phone Contracts

Cellswapper.comMany people are locked into cell phone contracts with unsatisfactory service and no way out.According to the US Public Interest Research Group, nearly half of all US cellular phone customers would switch, or consider switching, their current service carrier if they did not have to pay an early termination penalty of up to $240.


  • has developed a social network for the exchange of cell phone plans and phones.
  • transfers the remainder of a contract to another interested party. It is a win-win situation, as unsatisfied customer gets out of their unwanted contact and the assuming party gets a free, short-term contract – as low as 1 month – without having to pay the hefty activation fee usually incurred with a new service plan.
  • Most short term contracts come bundled with a free phone or cash incentive that is offered as an incentive by the seller.
  • Free posting of plans/contracts.
  • CellSwapper has developed Transfer Trackingâ„¢ technology to keep all parties up to date with the contract transfer.
  • Consumers become free to change their cell phone plans as often as they wish!

The Apple iPhone

  • Since the Apple iPhone is a Cingular exclusive, anybody who wants to buy one will need to first become cell phone contract-free. In that sense, for many consumers CellSwapper will serve as perhaps the only means of getting an iPhone.
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mojax : World’s first Mobile AJAX Application Frameworks

mojax is one of the world’s first Mobile AJAX Application Frameworks. Unlike traditional AJAX Web Frameworks, mojax Moblets do not run within a browser and are not subject to the availability and quality of a network connection. Also, unlike a web application running on a mobile device, a mojax moblet has access to lower level device features such as Camera API, Push Messaging, Bluetooth, Location Services, Contacts and more.

Traditionally, AJAX developers combine XML, CSS, and Javascript to develop Web applications. mojax applies AJAX concepts to J2ME MIDP applications for mobile devices. Using mojax, AJAX developers with no mobile programming experience can quickly and easily create mobile applications.


Google &Mobile/Cell Phones/HandHelds08 Nov 2006

Gmail Mobile gets faster

Gmail Mobile gets faster and supports voice mailsGoogle renewed its Gmail Mobile service with lots of new features. Its ideal WAP/WML interface makes it really easy for the user to read their Gmail. Download it once, and start accessing Gmail on your phone with just a click or two. You’ll also like it because:

  • Your friends can leave you a voicemail using Google Talk. The voice message is sent to your Gmail account as an audio file that you can download or play right from your inbox.
  • It has the same Gmail interface you know and love
  • Your account stays synchronized whether you access it from your computer or the phone
  • You can easily view attachments such as photos, documents and .pdf files
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Nokia going Web 2.0 : Browsers to support Ajax

Nokia going Web 2.0 : Browsers to support AjaxNokia is going Web 2.0 ! Its trying to make its browsers support Ajax.This article offers an outline of AJAX issues on the Nokia Web Browser. It opens the discussion – and makes a case – for developers to begin considering the benefits from using this technology. Forum Nokia plans to begin a series of publications aimed at helping developers bring much more dynamic and engaging content onto mobile browser screens.

Basically, the purpose of the document is to start a discussion (espessially with web developers) about how to ensure that mobile users gain the same benefits from AJAX technology as those who are browsing from their desktop PCs. Nokia aims to collect and publish a set of best practices and guidelines for general AJAX development that targets mobile Internet access via the new Nokia Web Browser.

Although Nokia’s latest S60 browser is truly an amazing experience , it still can’t be called complete yet. As there are Challenges encountered in this trial, Many AJAX patterns are impossible to use without a mouse or touchscreen, for example:

  • The click/drag method used in A9 maps.
    • AJAX effect does work, but too slowly (much data transfer, processing power needed).
    • Application map area is too small or squeezed. Mobile screen size needs to be considered.
  • Drag-and-drop, using an AJAX-based shopping basket.
  • “Hover here” for pop-up details. Pop-up might be off-screen in mobile browser with no means to navigate to it.
Mobile/Cell Phones/HandHelds24 Oct 2006

Cellphedia : Get answers to your questions from your mobile

Ever wanted to know something from a encyclopedia but couldn’t as your too lazy to carry one ? Cellphedia is interesting application for mobile/cell phone users to get the answers to the questions they need.
Cellphedia : Get answers to your questions from your mobileCellphedia is a Mobile Social Software (MoSoSo) that promotes the sharing of knowledge. It allows users to send and receive encyclopedia-type inquiries between specific, pre-defined groups of users, through Text messaging. Users can register on this site and start building the quick-reference Cellphedia-type entries. Any user can ask questions or answer ones wherever cell phone service is available.

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PixPulse : Mobile media publishing platform

PixPulse is a mobile media publishing platformPixPulse is a mobile media publishing platform for sharing photos, videos and blogs.
PixPulse offers some cool features that include instant uploads, phone to phone video and photo sharing. You can create your own mobile media blog and share it with other phones and the web. Or share your photos and videos on MySpace and blogs with PixPulse widgets. It is also an amazing place to meet up with new people who share similar interests.

PixPulse is a mobile media publishing platform