Ajax &Blogging &Web 2.006 Nov 2006

Weebly : Websites Creation Made Easy with AJAX

Weebly is the easiest way to create a great looking website and share it with the world for free. From personal to professional sites, Weebly will enable you to spend your time on the most valuable part of your site, its content. It uses an Ajax interface to create the page and has many templates to choose from. Weebly is currently in beta, and accepting signups. (more…)

Ajax &Blogging &Web 2.006 Aug 2006

Wetpaint : More than Wiki

Wetpaint : More than WikiWetPaint is a cross between a Wiki and a more feature-filled Content Management System (CMS). Now you can create a Wiki on any topic in minutes!. It is a combination of the best of wikis, blogs, content management system and forums, empowers you to connect with others on whatever you’re passionate about.
Wetpaint is a hosted wiki solution with wysiwyg editing and each wiki page can be tagged and includes high end wiki functions.It also offers a range of templates to choose from. Creating a new page (subdomain) on wetpaint was matter of seconds.
Once logged in the whole management is easy as pie, the quick editing allows you to edit in realtime with ajax, quick search etc.

Templates available at Wetpaint
Blogging &Reviews/News &Web 2.020 Jul 2006

FeedBurner Acquires Blogbeat

FeedBurner (, the market-leading Internet feed management provider, has acquired Blogbeat (, a Raleigh-Durham-based provider of blog analytics.Blogbeat functionality will be integrated into FeedBurner’s existing suite of free Internet feed management services. Blogbeat founder, Jeff Turner, has joined the FeedBurner team as Lead Engineer, Web Analytics. He will remain an integral member of the development of feed-driven statistics services. Additional information about the Blogbeat acquisition is available on the FeedBurner Web site at

Ajax &Blogging &Reviews/News &Web 2.011 Jul 2006

imeem : All Instant messaging in one, Blog, photo, video and more..

imeem is a new online service that combines the best of instant messaging and social networking.

imeem : All Instant messaging in one, Blog, photo, video and more

What do use for intant messaging ? Y! mess., MSN, Gtalk ? or do you use the third party softwares like trillian, Gimp ? imeem is not some software that usually comes out every other day and flops, it is indeed a wonderful combination of services.

Instant Messaging
Use any and all of your IM services from one application . imeem can take up any number of Gtalk, Yahoo! messenger, MSN messenger and AIM Id’s on its IM software, much like trillian but trillian only supports gtalk on jabber client which is only supported in their pro version. The UI is pretty neat and looks good on eyes. Instant messagng is the best feature of the imeem.


Ajax &Blogging &General &Web 2.004 Jul 2006

xFruits : RSS to Web, Mobile, PDF & RSS + RSS

xFruits : RSS to Web, Mobile, PDF & RSS plus RSSxFruits does a lot more than what FeedBlendr does. xFruits is an Web 2.0 app which apart from merging/blending a number of feeds together it allows you to do more with the feeds. The best one I think is the RSS to Mobile which can be worthy on the move and RSS to PDF. It can also make RSS to Web, that is RSS is converted to a normal xHTML webpage and Post (eMail) to RSS.

XFruits makes possible the Mashup RSS creation in a very simple way, Itis already available in English, French and Spanish version, a Japanese version will be available soon.

Ajax &Blogging &Web 2.004 Jul 2006

FeedBlendr : Blend all your favorite feeds together

FeedBlendr : Blend you feedsFeedBlendr is an application which will merge two or more feeds. If you have 5 blogs with feeds, be it atom or RSS 2.0, just specify the urls and click Blend, thats it ! All you 5 blog feeds will apear on the feedblendr URI. You can choose from RSS 2.0 or atom feed URI. Its a great service especially for people who run a blog network or perhaps a person who is interested in reading all the vlogs iin certain category.

I tried out compiling a small web 2.0 blogs RSS list – which blends feeds from Ajaxian, Techcrunch, Sr-ultimate, AJAX Magazine etc. Try subscribing to it ;). Here’s some more ideas for cool blends you could make with FeedBlendr.

Ajax &Blogging &Reviews/News &Web 2.024 Jun 2006

Geotracking | Mapping Services list

Customizable mapping applications have spread a lot after Google and Yahoo! launched their open-API maps. A small list of web 2.0 websites which are known to the world for tracking the world ;) .

  • {} : Using FeedMap you can geo-code your blog, browse already geo-coded blogs and search for blogs. Once geo-coded, you can get your own BlogMap location using a simple url that allows you to network with your local bloggers and much more. BlogMap provides a tiny-badge-sized map that shows your blog’s location using AJAX and via Microsoft Map.
  • Flickrmap : is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. Flickrmap will then automatically search your photos at Flickr for location information and plot the photos on your own Flickrmap, on your own website.Flickrmap also supports photos that have been geotagged or photos that have location data encoded in their EXIF properties.It’s as simple as tagging your photos with a city and country name!


Ajax &Blogging &Reviews/News &Search Engines &Web 2.014 Jun 2006

Tags Search Engines : TagFetch, KeoTag, Gada.Be and more

Tag Search engines Tag Search engines are getting popular with blogging. Almost every Web 2.0 website, Blog or search engine has to have tags with it. Its another important for maintaining relavant blog search results and getting traffic for bloggers ;).

  • Yahoo! My Web 2.0 Search : Ultimate Tag Search, but provides only results from content submitted to it. Unlike
  • KeoTag : Clean Layout and easy searching. It searchs tags from a wide range of blogging websites from well known technorati to newly lauched web 2.0 websites. Offers RSS feed for each search made. Better that
  • : Impressive but only thing I don’t like about it is, it adds nofollow tags into the results.Gada takes a query and runs it against sites like Google News, Technorati, Flickr, IceRocket, Amazon, Wikipedia, 43Things, etc.
  • TagFetch : Basically TagFetch conducts a search on other blogging related websites. While searching there are options for News, Blog, Bookmarks and Media. It searches recent posts with media on Flickr and Youtube. for Bookmarks. Technorati and Feedster fetch from Blog while reddit, newsvine and tailrank for News. Pretty neat for beta stage. What I like most about it is simple and clean results unlike websites like Snap which started great but now the RSS feeds yeilds spam most of the time.
  • WinkWink Tag Search Enigne : Wink is another new tag based search engine that lets you find the results from different social bookmarking sites. Wink crawls sites like, Digg, Furl, Slashdot and Yahoo MyWeb, indexes the results, and figures out which pages are most relevant through their TagRank algorithms.
  • Guten Tags : A tag search engine, perhaps a Tag cloud. A search reveals few options like what does the keyword mean, posts related to that keyword, what people bookmark, record, film about that keyword and much more.
  • Rmail Tag Search : Yet another Tag search engine.

Do comment of any nice tag Search Engines I have missed.

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