Cool Stuffs &Design &Web 2.020 Jun 2006

Browser Screenshot Tools : Great for Designers

Being a designer I always felt the need of checking up a design on different browsers, especially when it involves CSS and XHTML. Clients always prefer web layouts that shows up correctly on every browser, be it the one which renders CSS correctly or the one which do not. In any case, if you have to try it, you have to download every popular browser the client wishes to have and buy mac over your PC or vice versa. But thats old crap, Evolution (of the Web 2.0 hype) has again answered the need , there are now lots of tools available for checking up a page and create a screenshots in different browser with any browser !

Tools that take screenshots on different browsers. Beta : Make screenshots from Firefox 1.0.4 / 1.5.0, Epiphany, Galeon, Konqueror, Mozilla, MSIE 6.0, MSIE 7.0 Beta, Opera 8.50, Safari 2.0. The request is qued based on the traffic and later shown the screnshot.

lixlpixel Screenshot Generator : Screenshots of layout on Safari , MacIE .

iCapture : Safari Screenshots.
IeCapture : Internet Explorer® Public Beta 2 Screenshot Utility.

Ajax &Design &Web 2.009 Jun 2006

everystockphoto : Another great source for Free Stock Photos is another great resource for free stock photos. everystockphoto is indexing over 250,000 creative commons, public domain and other attribution licensed photos.It displays a medium verison of the photos when possible and as much information about the photo. The search is tag-based for applicable sites and indexes the results based on description, category, username, keywords, and title.
Ajax is used nicely in retrieving links from, ajax-based tagging tools and an AJAX based advanced search interface will be up shortly. In addition, it offers free member features such as tag-based lightboxes, photo pop-ups, and a forum.

Jonathan Yapp also tells about plans on morphing into an image exchange but keeping the focus on free media and related resources in mind. Everystockphoto is currently adding about 20,000 new photos per week. It sure has a good scope in the market as there are always photo hungry people/designers, especially for free ones ;) . Freebie site always pick up fast, I have noted few good ones after the success of stock.xchng like everystockphotos and IconBuffet

Design &Web 2.002 Jun 2006

IconBuffet | Free Stock Icons for Digital Professionals

IconBuffet is the stock.xchng of Icons ;) . Each month IconBuffet Free Delivery members receive free stock icons. There’s absolutely no cost to you, and the icons are royalty-free for use in commercial and personal products. The only way it differs from stock.xchng is that it only provide the icons through mails to the subscribers. Once a month, IconBuffet will deliver a free collection of stock icons (a Free Delivery) to your IconBuffet account. But each IconBuffet member may or may not receive the same Free Delivery as the next member.
And you can make five Free Deliveries of your own to friends and colleagues. If they’re already an IconBuffet member, the Free Delivery will arrive immediately in their account.

IconBuffet is a leading provider of royalty-free stock icons and digital artwork for web designers and software developers. Our icons grace the interfaces of popular web applications, blogs, and traditional desktop software.

IconBuffet is a Firewheel Design company, drawing from years of digital interface design experience. We are committed to excellence in our work and service.