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Twitter, the best start-up in 2008 and why you should use it

Twitter, the best start-up in 2008 and why you should use itRecently CNN quoted it to be the “The Hottest Web Startup”, and it definitely is ! If you still are not using it, you should definitely start. So to define twitter, its a web service to which you can post what you are doing right now.



Ajax &AJAX Resources &Cool Stuffs &Web 2.0 &Web Development17 Mar 2008

Scripteka : Library of Cool javascripts Prototype, extensions

Scripteka : Library of Cool javascripts Prototype, extensions Sripteka is a cool new library with lots of useful Prototype scripts . The website is also very much user-friendly, with option to multi-select tags and display scripts.

  • View an extensive library of Prototype and based extensions/plugins
  • Rate and use rating to find the coolest scripts out there
  • Submit your own creations and get community feedback
  • Subscribe to the newest additions to the library
Ajax &Cool Stuffs &Web 2.030 Nov 2006

CogMap : Wikipedia of organization charts

Cogmap is the Wikipedia of organization charts. It is a collection of organization charts online that anyone can edit, add to, and help maintain.

CogMap is a tool for sales people, entrepreneurs, and recruiters to understand organizations and keep information up to date. You might have faced had some of these situations ..

  • Worked at a company without a published organization chart and had no idea who worked for anyone else
  • Tried to figure out who to call at a company and come up empty
  • Bought a list of people to call and had all the information be wrong
  • Met people that all had different titles and been unable to tell who was the decision-maker in the room!

It helps create charts with Ajax and DHTML, You can customize the chart by Drag and Drop feature. Editing and Adding is very easy and ofcourse the application is Cool ! . You can create a Company or perhaps a Family Tree. Its pretty interesting how CogMap works.

Well,For atleast once, I can pose as I am the head of Google Inc. and have Sergey Brin, Lary Page and Eric Schmidt working under me :P . No hard feelings Folks ;)

Ajax &Cool Stuffs &Google &Search Engines &Web 2.023 Nov 2006

Google Book Search : A new way to search books

Google has released its new tool, the Google Book Search : A new way to search booksGoogle Book Search. It features many Cool features. There are no load times when flipping pages, as most pages are pre-loaded while you are reading.You can scroll through the pages of books by scrolling down your mouse. Its no different than scrolling a web page or a office document. You can use the left and right arrows to flip pages, as if you were holding the book.You can read the book, or download it to PDF. And of course, you can purchase a copy of the book from selected retailers.


Ajax &Cool Stuffs14 Nov 2006

Qlock : Much more than a World clock [Ajax]

Qlock : Much more than a World clock [Ajax]Qlock is an interesting application which displays world time in realtime with AJAX. Qlock does not limit to that, it has much more variety of features to offer including the website/blog integration of the Qlock.


Integrated RSS/Atom feed reader
Stay up to date with the latest times and news from around the world while you carry on working. Qlock fetches your most important news/stock/blog feeds and displays them in easy to read windows.

Daily foreign exchange rates
Get daily FX rates for all major currency pairs straight to your desktop. Set Strike prices for each pair to help you keep on top of the market

Sticky notes
These are a useful way of keeping track of to-do items, meetings, phone numbers or in fact anything that you would normally use a small sticky note for. If your monitor/desk is covered in those little things, then this feature is for you!

When the time is..
This feature is useful when you want to see other local times for any given time. For instance, if you have a meeting in Los Angeles at 4 pm and want to see what time it will be across the globe, just right click on Los Angeles, select “When the time is..” and set it to 16:00.
All of the clocks will automatically display their local time and date for 4 pm in Los Angeles. As soon as you close the window, all of the clocks revert back to their normal time.


Ajax &Cool Stuffs &Reviews/News &Web 2.025 Jul 2006

SaneBull : live market monitoring

SaneBull provides you with live RSS feeds from MSN, Yahoo, and The Street; to give you the upper hand in the stock markets. The interface of the live stock markets and market updates provides a showcase of what is possible using AJAX frameworks. Which, besides giving the site its appearance; facilitates in minimizing, maximizing, and closing un-needed windows. The homepage flaunts live RSS feeds from MSN, Yahoo &The Street. They have also incorporated builder modules in multiple places to provide browser interoperability; they proudly claim to support all of them!

It’s a custom implementation of an Ajax solution with a Java powered back end. SaneBull is powered by well known javascript frameworks. using dtree, prototype, prototype windows,

Ajax &Cool Stuffs &Reviews/News &Web 2.017 Jul 2006

Itzle : Review Websites with friends in realtime

Itzle is web gadget that allows you to walk around websites as if they were physical locations. Itzle allows you to browse websites while having a chat with your friend. You can browse any website with itzle, just save the bookmarklet, you will be shown a minimizable Itzle toolbar with chatbox, URL, friends list, Connection etc. You can choose to talk with any of your friends or review the current website. Currently it’s in Beta Stage and supports only Firefox. Itzle along with bookmarklet also provides status indicators for Blogs / Websites .

Itzle makes it easy to explore photo albums and other expansive sites with your friends. When you click on a hyperlink while Itzling, your friend will see you walk over to it and fade away. Then a small message bubble will appear in your place to tell him where you’ve gone, and give him the option of following you to your new location.

Normally, in order to communicate about a certain web page friends have to either leave static messages (in the form of comments or forum posts) for their each other to read later, or switch back and forth between their browsers and IM clients. Neither method allows a seamless shared-browsing experience. With Itzle, group surfing is not only easy, it’s fun.


Cool Stuffs &Design &Web 2.020 Jun 2006

Browser Screenshot Tools : Great for Designers

Being a designer I always felt the need of checking up a design on different browsers, especially when it involves CSS and XHTML. Clients always prefer web layouts that shows up correctly on every browser, be it the one which renders CSS correctly or the one which do not. In any case, if you have to try it, you have to download every popular browser the client wishes to have and buy mac over your PC or vice versa. But thats old crap, Evolution (of the Web 2.0 hype) has again answered the need , there are now lots of tools available for checking up a page and create a screenshots in different browser with any browser !

Tools that take screenshots on different browsers. Beta : Make screenshots from Firefox 1.0.4 / 1.5.0, Epiphany, Galeon, Konqueror, Mozilla, MSIE 6.0, MSIE 7.0 Beta, Opera 8.50, Safari 2.0. The request is qued based on the traffic and later shown the screnshot.

lixlpixel Screenshot Generator : Screenshots of layout on Safari , MacIE .

iCapture : Safari Screenshots.
IeCapture : Internet Explorer® Public Beta 2 Screenshot Utility.

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