Ajax &Cool Stuffs &Google &Search Engines &Web 2.023 Nov 2006

Google Book Search : A new way to search books

Google has released its new tool, the Google Book Search : A new way to search booksGoogle Book Search. It features many Cool features. There are no load times when flipping pages, as most pages are pre-loaded while you are reading.You can scroll through the pages of books by scrolling down your mouse. Its no different than scrolling a web page or a office document. You can use the left and right arrows to flip pages, as if you were holding the book.You can read the book, or download it to PDF. And of course, you can purchase a copy of the book from selected retailers.


Google15 Nov 2006

Gmail and Google Talk now has more features including orkut support

Google has introduced some great new features to Gmail and Google Talk

Google Talk

Orkut, as we know is an Internet social network service run by Google and named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten, has given us another great feature. You can now login to your Google Talk and get all your Orkut friends there in the messenger. So no more scrapbook hassels, if your friend is online, just go ahead and chat with him/her.Its interesting how you can scrap directly from Gtalk. Orkut friends will automatically appear in your Friends list, and you’ll find out instantly if you’ve received a new orkut scrap.

Offline Messages
Now if your friends have chat history enabled, you can send them messages even when they’re not online. Just enter a message into the chat window as you would normally, and they’ll get it the next time they sign into Google Talk. In Gmail, offline messages can be searched and organized — just like instant messages in their chat history.


Google &Mobile/Cell Phones/HandHelds08 Nov 2006

Gmail Mobile gets faster

Gmail Mobile gets faster and supports voice mailsGoogle renewed its Gmail Mobile service with lots of new features. Its ideal WAP/WML interface makes it really easy for the user to read their Gmail. Download it once, and start accessing Gmail on your phone with just a click or two. You’ll also like it because:

  • Your friends can leave you a voicemail using Google Talk. The voice message is sent to your Gmail account as an audio file that you can download or play right from your inbox.
  • It has the same Gmail interface you know and love
  • Your account stays synchronized whether you access it from your computer or the phone
  • You can easily view attachments such as photos, documents and .pdf files
Ajax &Google &Web 2.031 Oct 2006

Google Acquires Jotspot : Online Spreadsheets

Today Google officially aquired JotSpot, a Online Spreadsheets application, Its been a very popular Ajax based web 2.0 application. Perhaps Google has started a sort of trend to acquire a new web 2.0 application every month ;) , in fact its not even a month since it got hold of youtube

Google shares JotSpot’s vision for helping people collaborate, share and work together online. JotSpot’s team and technology are a strong fit with existing Google products like Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Apps for Your Domain and Google Groups.

Google &Search Engines25 Oct 2006

Google Custom Search Engine : Create your own Google Powered Search Engine

Google today released a new service for webmasters and bloggers where you can create your own search engine powered by Google, called Google Co-opGoogle Custom Search Engine : Create your own Google Powered Search Engine.

But personally I feel the only thing that makes this different from adsense custom search is that adsense custom search does not allow more than four websites to search, but on the other side in adsense we can choose atleast the colors. Have a look at a custom search engine I have made.

Features :

Build and customize your own search engine

  • Specify the sites you want to include in searches.
  • Place a search box and search results on your website.
  • Customize the look and feel to match your website.
  • Invite your community to contribute to the search engine.
  • Make money from relevant ads in your search results.
Google &Reviews/News11 Oct 2006

Atlast ! Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 Billion

Atlast ! Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 BillionAfter so much buzz around Google finally announced (Oct 09 / ’06) that it has agreed to acquire YouTube, the consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos through a Web experience, for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction.

The acquisition combines one of the largest and fastest growing online video entertainment communities with Google’s expertise in organizing information and creating new models for advertising on the Internet. The combined companies will focus on providing a better, more comprehensive experience for users interested in uploading, watching and sharing videos, and will offer new opportunities for professional content owners to distribute their work to reach a vast new audience.


Google &Search Engines &SEO10 Oct 2006

Google PageRank Updates Sept/Oct 05

Six months after the last Google pagerank update, google has started to update its datacenters. The best part is is Pagerank 6 now :) .

I have collected a few tools to check pagerank in various ways, various data centers. Please do note that different tools listed use different datacenters so the result may vary and I suggest you check once in google toolbar . It is normal that it shows different pagerank in different datacenters, In the past it’s usually lasted a few days and then they all gave out the same PR.

PageRank Check
PageRank Checker
All-in-One PageRank Checker (AJAX based Alexa+Google,Yahoo backlinks+DMOZ lookup)
Various Datacanter

Ajax &Google &Search Engines &Web 2.009 Oct 2006

Searchmash : Google’s new search engine ? [Ajax]

Searchmash : Google's new search engine ? [Ajax]

Searchmach is the latest lil buzz around, its new search from Google, though does not state anywhere that it is a part of Google. A quick whois lookup shows the search engine on Google’s server. searchmash basically has few differences compared to normal google search.


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