Pix-Yu is an online virtual space where a user can share life experiences, events, journeys, holidays, meetings and much more, by uploading (unlimited) pictures.

Interesting part is, they will pay users for the number of clicks their images receive. Pix-Yu allows the user to earn just sharing pics with family, parents and with the most popular social networks. The current pay rate is 0.25€ per 1000 image views. Currently all payments are sent via PayPal. Goal is to pay out enough to keep users happy, while still being able to sustain development costs, hosting fees, salaries.

They do seems to have an effective way to keep fraud clicks out, as clicks are calculated by unique visitors, i.e 20 clicks from the same computer will count as one.

In this way, it’s possible to connect an event to an unlimited number of pictures. In the present beta release, it is possible to create maximum ten events for each registered user, but its almost ready for the final version of the website, where the user will have the chance to choose from different types of PRO accounts (silver and gold).