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Management &Web 2.007 Aug 2008

ididwork : A twitter like service for the employees.

ididwork is a web-based service lets employees keep record of work they have completed. Employees can then submit a weekly or monthly report to their manager in the form of a chart, graph, or simple summary, and receive feedback through the system. It is designed to be useful solely from the employee’s perspective, letting them track their own progress and analyze trends over time. The service does not have to serve the enterprise, but rather can spread amongst individual users.

The idea seems simple but it tackles a big problem: it is difficult to judge productivity in big companies. In employee reviews managers often have very little idea of what an employee has done, which leads them to make judgments based on behavior that seems productive; like staying late everyday, or sending out company wide emails at three in morning. It also gives employees an idea of what their associates are working on with a news feed, eliminating the need for status meetings.


URL : https://www.ididwork.com/

Reviews/News &Web 2.006 Aug 2008

Navigaya : News, Search, Video, Music everything at one place!

Navigaya is definitively an interesting creation. There no single word to define the site, as it has almost everything we look everyday over the internet, News, Search, Video, Music, Maps, Finance, Weather, Magazines, Calender, Pictures, TV, Games, Design (that’s the categories I found in the footer nav).

One of most interesting part of it is that, there’s a music video (from Youtube, Google video etc.) playing in the background always (which you can pause or change anytime.)

Based on Adobe Flash, the site acts as a navigator for you to different sections you might be interested in. There is a timeline navigation in the footer which basically is a collection of external links of best known websites in that category, more like a ready-made bookmark list. The external links

Starting at the “Home”, You are welcomed with the blocks of different news sections, updated every few seconds, which further expands by clicking on the category, giving you list of news in the category from popular news websites.

The Search feature, which is available anytime by taking your cursor in the middle of the window, searches few popular sites like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Altavista, (and for some reason) cuil and few others in different sub windows. Which is pretty useful if you like comparing the results.

Verdict : If you don’t mind the little browser/system performance taken by flash, Navigaya makes a great start up page.

URL : http://www.navigaya.com/main.php

Web 2.025 Jul 2008

BitLet : Download Torrents online without a client

BitLet is a experimental java based online service which offers free service of torrent downloading without a client on our computer. You can choose options like incoming Port and maximum upload rate. But unfortunately this is only good for leechers as it does not have a upload/seeding service as yet.

To download the torrent file you choose, right click on the download torrent link, copy the link location (e.g. http://www.example.org/file.torrent) and then paste it in the input box at bitlet.org. Then you have only to click on “Download torrent” button. Simple enough.

URL : BitLet.org

Ajax &Web 2.019 Jul 2008

Vuzit – An AJAX powered Document Viewer

Vuzit - An AJAX powered Document ViewerVuzit is a new service that allows you to embed pdf’s into your site in a slick AJAX powered viewer. It allows content publishers to embed documents in their web pages, similar to how YouTube distributes video, thus maintaining consistent branding and site navigation. Vuzit provides publishers with tools to display documents alongside other web content and systems (e.g. advertising and analytics).

Visit : Vuzit

Money Making &Web 2.009 Jun 2008

Pix-Yu : Upload pics, share experiences and get paid for that !

Pix-Yu is an online virtual space where a user can share life experiences, events, journeys, holidays, meetings and much more, by uploading (unlimited) pictures.

Interesting part is, they will pay users for the number of clicks their images receive. Pix-Yu allows the user to earn just sharing pics with family, parents and with the most popular social networks. The current pay rate is 0.25€ per 1000 image views. Currently all payments are sent via PayPal. Goal is to pay out enough to keep users happy, while still being able to sustain development costs, hosting fees, salaries.

They do seems to have an effective way to keep fraud clicks out, as clicks are calculated by unique visitors, i.e 20 clicks from the same computer will count as one.

In this way, it’s possible to connect an event to an unlimited number of pictures. In the present beta release, it is possible to create maximum ten events for each registered user, but its almost ready for the final version of the website, where the user will have the chance to choose from different types of PRO accounts (silver and gold).

Social Networking &Web 2.015 May 2008

Nimbuzz : Beyond Skype – Comprehensive Mobile VOIP, IM Solutions and voice to social networks

Nunbuzz : Beyond Skype -  Comprehensive Mobile VOIP, IM Solutions and voice to social networksNimbuzz offers an all-in-one solution on the mobile, PC and Web for calling, conference calling, instant messaging, group chat and chat rooms, and photo and file sending across multiple IM communities, including Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber and ICQ, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and Myspace.

On the social networking front, Nimbuzz is breaking new ground by bringing voice and mobile chat to social networks. The new six-button Communicator widget brings free calling, chat, text and voice messaging and file sending to social networks, email signatures and personal websites or blogs. Also introduced is the unique “buzz” feature which alerts your friends “offline” to join you online for a call or chat.


Web 2.031 Mar 2008

Clickpass : Login to sites with one password (openID)

Clickpass : Login to sites with one openID passwordClickpass is an application which makes OpenID easy to use and brings the benefits of single-sign-on to everyone. Over 60% of us use the same password on every site we visit. All of us have been locked out of somewhere at some time and every day we’re bombarded with emails enticing us to give away our credentials to would-be attackers.

Clickpass is built to solve that, to bring you the convenience of a single password but with the reassurance of a company whose sole job it is to look after you and your security. Over time you will see Clickpass on more and more sites. As that happens, you’ll start to forget the fear of forgetting which password you signed up with and experience instead the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

WordPress plugin

The Clickpass WordPress Plugin lets you log into your wordpress admin pages using Clickpass. Once installed and setup you will be able to log in to your blog from your Clickpass account page or from your wordpress login page

Requirements : WordPress 2.1 or greater PHP 5 or greater
Conflicts : The Clickpass WordPress plugin does not currently work with wp-openid plugin. Avoid activating both plugins

Ajax &AJAX Resources &Cool Stuffs &Web 2.0 &Web Development17 Mar 2008

Scripteka : Library of Cool javascripts Prototype, Script.aculo.us extensions

Scripteka : Library of Cool javascripts Prototype, Script.aculo.us extensions Sripteka is a cool new library with lots of useful Prototype scripts . The website is also very much user-friendly, with option to multi-select tags and display scripts.

  • View an extensive library of Prototype and Script.aculo.us based extensions/plugins
  • Rate and use rating to find the coolest scripts out there
  • Submit your own creations and get community feedback
  • Subscribe to the newest additions to the library

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